The 10 Best Teacher Gift Ideas!

The 10 Best Teacher Gift Ideas (from a Teacher)


Before Amanda began her glamorous life as a stay at home mom and an entrepreneur she was a teacher. Like many other teachers the end of the year would roll around and she would get gifts from appreciative parents and children. Some of them wonderful and useful and some complete duds. This year she is going to help your gifts be a success!

1. Mugs (you can make custom ones with those mug sharpies now!)


This might just be the perfect way to present gift #9 below!

2. Kids Crafts


Personalize with their initials for a special little touch.

3. Kid's Cards (my kids do this, teachers always love it!)

Break out the construction paper, glitter glue, and crayons to let your kids go wild and create a cute card for their favorite teacher that they will adore.

4. Custom Teacher Pencil


These custom nameplate teachers pencil will be perfect for any teachers desk. They are a limited quantity and available from Amanda's Designer Decals.

5. Beach Goodies (I did this in Japan, teachers LOVED it!) with magazines, beach towel, etc.


Fill it with all sorts of goodies for a day at the beach! Even a teacher needs a vacation. You can even create your own beach bag with this free tutorial!

6. Spa Gift Certificate

After dealing with over 20 screaming children most of the week what teacher does not need a massage or doesn't deserve a facial.

7. Chocolate (Need I say more?)

Godiva ChocolateGet the Good Stuff they deserve it after all!

8. School Supplies (It's so friggin expensive)


Sad but true more times then not teachers are left paying for supplies they need out of their pocket. Give them a boost and help them get a headstart on next year. No idea what to get them check out this wonderful list from A Pumpkin & A Princess.

9. Coffee Gift Card

After a late night grading papers and an early morning start to get to work to teach little minds a teacher needs a good cup of coffee. Give them a card to a local place. No one says you can not be creative in the presentation check out Dolen Diaries for a fun way to present your gift.

10. Movie Gift Certificate


Treat your favorite teach to a movie night. Create a cute gift basket with a Redbox Gift Certificate or actual movie tickets to the local theater. Check out this wonderful way to present your gift from Surviving A Teachers Salary.

No matter which of these gifts you choose you are definitely going to be the cool Mom or Dad at the school!