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Laundry Room Decor – Laundry Wall Decal


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Wall Decals – Laundry Room Decor: 


Is your laundry room a bit ho hum and blah? Do you find the rest of your home has a life of its own? Make every room in your house special with vinyl wall decals from The Everyday Collection. Make those things you do on a daily bases extraordinary with special sayings, cute reminders, and inspirational phrases that will make your home special and chores a labor of love. The I’m Thankful for all This Laundry designer vinyl wall decal does just that by reminding you that your loved ones are surrounding you.

Vinyl wall decals are a fast and easy way to take your home decor and make any room better, even those ones that might not be your favorite like the laundry room. Give each room a facelift  with wall art that gives it a bit of personality. This laundry decal will bring a smile to your face and a warming of the heart as it keeps it locked in your head that while you are doing a chore there is a very good reason for it, your family is near.

For your best application experience make sure that your paint is not fresh. You should wait at least three to four months after painting before applying a vinyl wall decal to your walls. Wall decals do best on walls with little to no surface texture or other smooth areas like windows, mirrors, or glass. It might be a fabulous idea to take a refinished old window and hang it in your space making for easy transport should the need arrive.

Your order will be shipped with instruction card and tester decal so that you can make sure that your brand new designer vinyl wall decal will adhere where you want it placed. If you need further help we have a FAQ (HERE) that not only has a video of our application instructions but a list of paints that are not compatible with your new decal. Please be aware that gloss and high gloss, eco-friendly/green paints, and primer/paint combo paints are just a few of the paints that will give you troubles.

Let everything you do in your home be a reminder of just how special and lucky every moment with your family is. Inspire them with surroundings that are comfortable and reflect your values and principles. Bring smiles to their faces with wall decor that is aspirational, humorous, and decorative this year and years to come.

Wall Decals apply easily, smoothly, and come down leaving no damage to your wall.

Vinyl decals are a great way to decorate your home, nursery, child”s room, kitchen, or any room in your home!

Please use our tester decal before attempting to apply the larger decal to your wall, as we do not accept returns on used products.

All sizes measure in inches. Decal measurements are posted as a whole, top to bottom. They come as one entire piece, not individual letters. They are measured length X width. The best way to ensure a good fit is to first measure your space you wish the decal to be, and then refer to our measurements.

DISCLAIMER: The sample photo shown in this listing is for demonstration purposes only and is not to scale with the size of the item you are purchasing. Please see the size of this particular item above.
-Decals will apply to smooth, flat surfaces.
-Decals are not reusable
-Decals do not have a background



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