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Christian Wall Art – Kitchen Prayer Wall Decal


Christian Wall Art -Wall Decals –
Thank you for the world so sweet wall decal. Such a sweet reminder for your dining room! 


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Christian Wall Art – Bible Verse Prayer: You’ve never seen a living \wall decals like this before on our website!



A home is not just the roof above your head and the floorboards beneath your feet. It is more, something special. It is a feeling of connection with your loved ones. Give thanks everyday and count your many blessings for your home and family with a warm reminder. The Thank You for the World So Sweet designer vinyl wall decal is an inspirational remembrance to be thankful for all our blessings from The Everyday Collection. Ideal for dining rooms, family rooms, and living rooms it is a wonderful piece of word art as part of your home decor.

The Everyday Collection is a celebratory mix of decals in many different styles for every room in the home. There are humorous sayings, inspirational quotes, and decorative elements for your ceilings as well as your walls. Every room in your home should have little touches in their home decor that make them special. Your first layer maybe paint but your finishing touch should be a vinyl wall decal that expresses the perfect sentiment for you and your family.

Your new decal may very well become your new favorite thing in your home. For best instillation of your exciting new home decor we recommend an untextured surface. Walls that are rough or have too much surface texture do not adhere well and you will be disappointed with your results. If you have  walls with a great deal of texture or items are not adhering well to the wall then we suggest placing it on a mirror, canvas, or a glass window frame or panel and hanging it. It makes it not only a beautiful focal point but also portable in case of having to move.

Freshly painted walls and certain paints do not play well with your new wall art. Paints that are VOC Free and or have low VOCs as well as gloss paints do not adhere properly. If you have painted your walls recently it is best to wait 3 to 4 months before applying a decal. If you are not sure about your walls please check out our FAQ (HERE) for a complete list of paints as well as an installation video for your convenience

Decorate your house to create the perfect home that is your little peace of heaven on earth. Make it the inspirational place you have always dreamed of. Give thanks each and every day for all the many blessings that are given you and your loved ones each and everyday. .


Wall Decals apply easily, smoothly, and come down leaving no damage to your wall.

Vinyl decals are a great way to decorate your home, nursery, child”s room, kitchen, or any room in your home!

Please use our tester decal before attempting to apply the larger decal to your wall, as we do not accept returns on used products.

All sizes measure in inches. Decal measurements are posted as a whole, top to bottom. They come as one entire piece, not individual letters. They are measured length X width. The best way to ensure a good fit is to first measure your space you wish the decal to be, and then refer to our measurements.

DISCLAIMER: The sample photo shown in this listing is for demonstration purposes only and is not to scale with the size of the item you are purchasing. Please see the size of this particular item above.
-Decals will apply to smooth, flat surfaces.
-Decals are not reusable
-Decals do not have a background


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