Amanda Maltz is a 30 something Mom-Entrepreneur, the owner and designer of Amanda’s Designer Decals. She is the wife to a United States Marine, and has two boys. Amanda’s Designer Decals, formally Four Peas in a Pod Vinyl Boutique, was founded in August of 2012 in Okianwa, Japan, while Amanda and her family resided on Camp Foster. While stationed in Japan, Amanda founded her business to help serve the military families that resided there and the local community. After dominating Etsy as one of the top wall decal sellers, she expanded her handmade business to Her business flourished, and since then she has moved back to the United States and lives on Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and services the entire country.

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A special shoutout from Renae Christine, owner of Rich Mom Business and Rich Mom University!

By Renae Christie Feature for Christmas 2015!

Featured on Matthew Lesko


Featured in The Milspo Project: Read the article here!

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  1. Your new fall product line is awesome!!! Renae Christine sent me a link to see what a successful product line marketing campaign looks like… Renae Christine said to tell you “hi”.

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