Custom Wall Decal – How It Works!


Custom Wall Decals

Do you have a quote that is special to you? We have a brand new form just for creating custom wall decals. Fill out the form on the next page to get started. Our design team will start working on building your custom piece right away! Read the info below and click the button to get started.


  1. Fill out the form on the next page. Tell us about your dream wall decal! We need to know the quote, the style, and you can even upload a photo example if you’d like. You’ll choose the size, style, and color.

2. Let one of our amazing designers create your dream decal for you! Sit back and relax while we do the work!

3. Our design team will give you 3 proofs to choose from, and you pick your favorite! You’ll may a payment, and we will have your decal made and shipped right to your door.

Click the button below to get started! Fill out the form on the next page and we will get started designing your custom wall decal!custom-wall-decals

Don’t want to build your own custom wall decal? No problem! Click here to go back to our main shopping page!


  1. How long will it take to get my proofs?
    -Proofs will be given within 3-5 business days after form completion.
  2. How much does it cost?
    -Custom wall decals start at $38.
  3. Can I get more than 3 proofs?
    -Of course! The first 3 are included in the price, and you can request more with the design team for an extra fee.

What can’t we do?

-Amanda’s Designer Decals cannot recreate a decal that is¬†designed or trademarked by another company.
– We cannot do team logos, or any print-style decals.
-If we cannot produce what you’re looking for, we’ll contact you right away!