The Cottage Mini Collection

Happy Spring! I've taken the hottest trend of the season and turned it into wall decals just for you! This season it's hard not to walk into any home decor store and  not see the farmhouse trend everywhere you look. Cottage decor, farmhouse trends, whichever you prefer, it's everywhere! Lace, flowers, mix-matched patterns, wreaths, and all things HGTV have hit the shelves and our Pinterest boards. To celebrate this trend, I decided to make a mini collection of farmhouse and cottage style wall decals. With our upcoming move across the country, I could only make this a short and sweet little collection.
Bless Our Nest Wall Decals
  Later this summer I plan on adding more designs to this collection! If you haven't heard, my family is a military family. We move often, which means sometimes I have to drop everything and run! However, I couldn't help but get in on this beautiful trend.
Home Sweet Farmhouse Wall Decals
I could watch Joanna Gaines all day long! Her sense of style is amazing, and I just love how she incorporates modern trends with cottage and farmhouse style decor. I wanted to bring that style to you in my latest line of wall decals. farmhouse-vinyl-decal   I plan on putting this beautiful Let Love Abide wall decal in my new foyer.  Vinyl decals are so versatile for us military wives. We can decorate and redecorate and take it down when our husbands has orders...or just take it down when we feel the itch to redecorate! They are also fantastic for renters for the very same reason!
This is Our Happy Place- Wall Decals
  This is such a sweet wall decal. I think it's perfect for a bedroom or even a family room. It just makes me smile every time I see this design. It exudes happy and makes me think of my family each and every time I see it! I know I'll put it up in my new home.   wall-decals This entire collection was a pure joy for me to put together for you. If you'd like to see the entire collection, just click here. Would you like to be notified when I put more designs up in the Cottage Collection? Of course you do! Click here to sign up to be the first to know AND get a sweet 30% off coupon! Amanda