Turn a Chalkboard into Artwork with Christmas Vinyl Decals!

I have a serious Christmas decorating addiction. It's so serious, in fact, that I even start decorating my neighbors homes as well, just for fun. I love using Christmas vinyl decals to decorate my home for the season. It's fun, it's festive, and it's just too easy! My kids love getting involved, too! It might be early in the season, but we like to start early because it's just so much fun! Take today, for instance. My neighbor, and best friend, just bought this really chic chalkboard from Ross. She mentioned that it cost her just $7! It was a steal! It was in her kitchen, and she had a cute phrase written on it in chalk "don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle". I felt inspired the moment I saw it. I grabbed that chalkboard immediately from her kitchen and headed into my office and assured her that she was going to love what I was about to do to her $7 chalkboard. vinyl wall decal It looked like this before the decal. Just an ordinary chalkboard. First, we measured the chalkboard, both length and width, to see what size decal we needed. I chose the "Tis' The Season To Sparkle"  Christmas vinyl decal from the new Merry & Bright Collection, as that seemed to fit this board, and my bestie's personality the best. Once I had the size down, I got my decal, and I placed it on the chalkboard, and applied it like I would to a wall. Sometimes, this can be done in pieces if the board is laying in a horizontal position. If this is the case, just cut with scissors around the different pieces and apply the decal however you'd like. I've cut out individual words before and applied them in a unique way on boards before for my own home! Get creative! christmas vinyl decal The end result was beautiful, don't you think? In our neighborhood on our military base, we have heavily textured walls. This means we can't apply wall decals to our walls, so we have to get creative! I've used chalkboards, mirrors, frames, canvas, wooden boards...the list goes on and on! What I like best about not applying them to the wall is that we get to reuse them year after year. For this project, I did a custom job. You can order your own version of this Christmas vinyl decal by clicking here! Be sure to check back for these and other great project ideas soon! Amanda christmas vinyl decal PS- even though I loved this chalkboard, I gave it back to my neighbor. See? It's back in her kitchen where it belongs 😉