The saying “make your house a home” can be a daunting one for a military family that travels often. After 11 years of moving around I’ve lived in my fair share of homes in various styles. In our 5th home, my family and I found ourselves in Okinawa, Japan, living in a concrete building.  Hanging pictures to remind us of home became quite the task, and I decided to adapt and embrace the challenge. I was encouraged to start designing and making wall decals to help the families there in Japan make their temporary houses a bit more homey. Thus, Amanda’s Designer Decals was born.

My husband, Daniel, and I are both from south Florida. We have two amazing boys together. I have a degree in Elementary Education and taught for a number of years before opening an online store. I was able to play with kids and glitter all day, and I was paid for it! We met while I was in college and married in 2006. In 2009, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Since then, we’ve lived in a few different places and made our home in many houses. After we moved several states away from our families, I started playing in the graphic design world, and taking many pictures for our families back in Florida. It was a great, fun way for us to all keep in touch.

We currently reside in North Carolina. Our kids enjoy doing anything outdoors, especially sports. My husband’s hobbies include outdoor activities and playing with our kids.  As for myself, when I’m not working in the office for my business, you can usually find me buried in a book.

I hope that your experience with us is a great one!