9 Hot Spring Home Decorating Trends to Watch Out For

We have scoured the internet. Looked at all the hot trend sites. Taken into consideration the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to what is happening in the home for spring. We are bringing you our top 9 favorite Spring Home Decor Trendss This little tour through what is hot and happening will make sure that you are all caught up with the latest. Offer some tips and tricks on how to get the looks in your home without breaking the bank. Not to mention give you our opinion on if it will last or not. Let us begin with Color.
  1. Pastel Colors & Muted Shades: This one should be no surprise to anyone as Pantone’s colors of the year are a soft baby blue called Serenity and a pink Rose Quartz. Looking to add just a touch of color to your home decor softly dyed fabrics in in buttercup yellows, soft greens, and dreamy pinks are very popular for spring.
If you are not ready to commit to the colors on the walls try using it as an accent. A perfectly placed throw, decorative pillows, a tablecloth, or a refreshing of old curtains is the ideal way to get the look without all the commitment. We do believe this one is here to stay. 12787605_10154005839301151_1968764905_o
  1. Blue: Blue in all of its brilliant shades from pale baby blue to cerulean blue and every shade in between. See Pantone’s color of the year Serenity. Denim especially in the home is very popular whether it is the color or the actual fabric. That worn look has a vintage appeal that is super chic and timeless.
This super hard working fabric is ideal for homes with pets and children. It stands up to wear and tear like tough spills and animal hair. Get slip covers for your sofa or loveseat and add a touch of denim into your decor. With the durability of the fabric and the color this could become the new black for the year. 12790044_10154005746411151_1141536113_o
  1. Gold: Yes gold is the metallic of choice this year. It is adding touches of glam to the vintage and rustic decor that is popular this year. This is perhaps one of our favorite trends this year and we are just picturing all the gold furniture and accessories out there to be had. Nothing warms up a room or space like gold and the way it reflects light.
Keep it classy by choosing accent pieces that will not go out of style, especially if you are not ready for a big time gold commitment. Simple stylish accessories are the way to go and they can easily be replaced or changed out until the gold fever returns. We hope this one sticks around. Z Gallerie GoldZ Gallerie Gold Collection Up next our favorite Materials & Surfaces:
  1. Vintage & Wood: Sometimes these are together sometimes they are not. Natural wood has been on the rise for a while and this spring there is definitely no shortage of it. From furniture to accessories woods in a variety of colors and types are popping up all over the place. Our personal favorite is warm worn vintage and aged wood.
Vintage whether it is wood or antiques add personality to the home. You can scour flea markets or consignment shops for those perfect pieces to add that personal touch to your home. Our tip though is to start your search online. You might be surprised at what you find out there. vintage never goes out of style especially for the home where it is all about your personality. 12810066_10154003778151151_499520706_o
  1. Suede: This soft supple fabric is definitely hip and trendy especially for furniture. Often used for upholstery it has a luxurious feel that can not be beat. It is always best in more neautral colors and combined with metallic accents. Picture a dining room chair in a tan suede with nail head trim and you get the picture.
Microsuede is easy to clean making it an appealing option for home furnishings. Pick one or two pieces like a tufted headboard for the bedroom or a chairs for the dining room and bring a bit of life and warmth to the room. While not our most favorite trend of all of them we think it will stick around just for its wearability and ease of cleaning. 12788576_10154003778576151_1826359631_o
  1. Wallpaper: This trend used to be huge and you would find wallpaper in every home in at least a few rooms. Then in the 90’s and early 2000’s it was almost an anathema to have it in your home. Homeowners could not get the dainty floral prints and vintage patterns off their walls quick enough.
Now it is making a huge comeback but not in the way we all remember them. People are picking more bold and contemporary patterns like geometrics or metallic accents. If you are not willing to go bold then think more subtle like wood grains, stone, and even marble. Wallpaper can make a huge statement in a small space think about a powder room or one accent wall in a room done in it. This is such a growing trend we think it will be around for awhile. 12810367_10154003778426151_1712015602_o One of our personal favorites Prints & Patterns:
  1. Bold Patterns & Florals: Can we say YAY! We know this trend is not for everyone however it is one we love. Bright colors, bold patterns, and floral prints are definitely something we can stand behind. There are a variety of ways to translate this into your home.
Change up the tile in your home to a beautiful patterned tile. Not ready for that much commitment yet? How about a bold floral wallpaper? Still to much. Then try some smaller accent pillows on the sofa or change up the coverlet on your bed. Take down those old curtains and add up a striking pattern. This will sure keep you on trend. Unfortunately this trend never lasts so use it sparingly unless you love it like us. 12784680_10153984634201151_74471152_n Damask Wall Decals in a variety of colors available from Amanda's Designer Decals.
  1. Shapes: It is raining circles, triangles, squares, and more this spring. Pick a shape and use it in large and small sizes to make a bold style statement. If you much prefer a bit of contrast work triangles and circles together to draw the eye.
This is a fun trend to play with in the home as it can be an infinite number of combinations. Place a square shadow box on the table filled with round marbles or stones. Create a focal piece on the mantle by grouping several round objects together for more punch. This one is a classic and is around in one way or another all the time. 12773066_10153989406771151_1994455490_o Triangle wall decals to mix and match on your walls from Amanda's Designer Decals. Other Popular Trends:
  1. Mixed Material Kitchens: No longer are kitchens the perfect show room all matchy matchy materials anymore. They are getting more eclectic mixing and matching old rough wood with polished stainless steel and old vintage rugs. This is something that anyone can do in their own homes.
Mix up your cabinets let your upper cabinets be of a different material than your lower ones. Add in your favorite vintage pieces into your polished kitchen. Your kitchen can feel like a home again instead of a perfect show room. This is a trend we hope sticks around because kitchens are meant to be lived in. gallery-1441831227-img-8907Beautiful Mixed Materials  Kitchen from Elle Decor.

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